We live in a wonderful digital age where the ability to capture life's memories are at our fingertips. Smartphones have made making memories and even having some fun with them as easy as the touch of a button. With that in mind, here are awesome great apps that every smartphone user should add to their photography folder:

Free; iPhone, iPad
A new, free app from the App Store has promised users a long-desired feature for retaining high quality HD even when using slow motion for things like acrobatic stunts. SloPro says it can use the camera in a variety of recent iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models, but the 60 frames per second recording that is its main selling point remains exclusive to the iPhone for now.  A $1 "pro upgrade" allows users to save the raw footage to iTunes for third-party editing.

The program, when used on an iPhone 5, records at 60fps natively and thus users have the option of either switching to slow motion "on the fly" (live while recording) or later on in the simple editing mode (see video, below). The editor makes it easy to pinpoint the start and stop points of the slow-motion segment, as well as trim clips and save them to a variety of social networks.

SloPro avoids the problem encountered by apps that record in HD video at 30fps, which is the slowing down the frame rate below 30fps results in "jerky" slow motion. SloPro offers three settings of slow motion built into the app, the slowest still being above the 29.97fps required for smooth motion in NTSC video. While the program will work as a camera, editor and uploader on non-iPhone iOS devices, the smooth slow motion function will not be available, as the shooting rate is limited to 30fps

Pay; iPhone & iPad
With 47 different effect and frame alternatives, 13 style choices, and an option to layer different looks, Picfx offers a wide range of photography possibilities. Even better? An opacity slider allows you to control the strength of each effect.

Photoshop Express
Free; iPad, iPhone and Android

Photoshop on the mobile and tablet just keeps getting better. Now with in app purchases and even more effects and tweaks, this is a very formidable photo editing app for your iPhone or iPad. The base application is also free and comes with more than enough to play with for any budding photographer.

Pay; iPad, iPhone & Android
Sometimes filters can ruin a good photo. They’re too much, they take away from the subject of your picture and that’s when Snapseed is handy. It lets you create subtle changes to your photos, so you can tweak and keep it naturally beautiful. I found it a little hard to use at first, but once you get it – you’re good to go. My favourite feature is the ‘tune image’ function where you can adjust brightness, ambience, contrast, saturation and white balance. Snapseed even got itself the mobile photo app of the year award for 2012.

Pay; iPhone & iPad
This is my all-time favourite app, and definitely my most used. I use this camera to take all of my photos, whether I edit them in the app or not. So instead of opening my iPhone camera or even Instagram to take the photo – I take them with this. It can be an expensive outlay – to pay for the app and then some filters but if I put it down to cost-per-use, I’m killing it. The best things about this app are that if I take a good photo but with crappy lighting – I just go to scenes and adjust it. My favourite filters are Magic Hour and Diana.

Free; iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone
Photosynth is easily the best panorama creation app out there. It also lets you upload and share images straight to Facebook and Twitter.

Pay; iPhone & iPad & Android
Whenever I want to put two or more photos into one picture, I use PicFrame. There are a handful of Apps that will do this for you but I’ve always used PicFrame and liked it. It’s easy to use, and has loads of templates to choose from so you can really get creative.

Pay; iPhone & iPad
It’d feel wrong to share my 5 favourite photo apps and not talk about Hipstamatic. It’s the one reason I desperately wanted an iPhone in the beginning. So with all the apps I’ve shared it’s all about altering the photo AFTER it’s taken, with Hipstamatic it’s all about messing with the settings before you start shooting. You can choose your lens and your film and start shooting away. I love the Betty XL Lens and the Big Up film {it’s created by Naomi Watt’s brother Ben who is a killer photographer}.

Free; iPhone & iPad
This clever application lets you take photos using your iPhone without touching it. Controlled by voice, you can snap family and friends without camera shake.

Pay; iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone & Ovi Nokia
Old-fashioned photo booths are becoming few and far between, but your tablet comes to the rescue with Pocketbooth, a nifty little app that takes photos in quick succession and puts them together into a photo strip that you can email or share (or print, via a third-party app). You can configure the number and type of photos, (color, B&W, sepia, or antique) and the look and feel of the photo strip (matte or glossy). It's nothing that you couldn't do with Adobe Photoshop Touch yourself, but the process is handled just like an old-fashioned photo booth, so it's a neat way to produce a party favor or get a cute, spontaneous photo memento of a trip.

Simply HDR
Pay; iPhone & iPad
Simply HDR will produce an outstanding picture with a maximized range of dynamic light, but for times when your subjects are people or pets, we’ve provided a "brush" tool to gently smooth areas with too much detail or use it to correct a halo where the sky meets the trees.

Pay; iPhone & iPad
Procamera is a nice alternative to Camera+. It’s a bit pricier but I like the immediacy of its interface a bit more than Camera+, which makes you wade through some attractive but unnecessary screens to get to some features. If you’re looking for an app to use when you’re whipping your phone out of your pocket to grab a shot quickly, Procamera has the edge. It also offers an unlinked focus/exposure system and White Balance locking to help you set your color tone.

TiltShift Generator
Pay; iPhone & iPad
A very simple app that allows you to create fake depth-of-field blur that can create miniature effects or just help to isolate the focal point of an image. You can set your blur in a straight line or circular pattern. The effect can be applied to images shot in other apps and the resulting images can be exported in high-resolution. I often use this in combination with images processed in some of the other apps below. Instagram recently added a similar filter to their app though it cannot do a circular blur.

Dynamic Light
Pay; iPhone & iPad
This is a very cool tool. If you want to give the HDR treatment to an image after it’s already been shot, just pass it through Dynamic Light and crank the dial for the desired amount of punch. It works far better than it has any right to from a single image. The images look very manipulated but if you don’t mind that it can deliver a super cool effect.

Pay; iPhone & iPad & Android
Highlight unwanted picture elements with your finger and hit go to make them disappear. Perfect for removing unwanted people, buildings, birds and more from your images. It functions sort of like Juxtaposer but instead of saving elements for use in other images you’re making them go poof. It pretty much does what most people ask for when they say ‘can’t you just Photoshop it out?

FX Photo Studio
Pay; iPhone & iPad
Basically a giant pack of filters, 187 in all, that you can apply to your images solo or by stacking them one on top of another. A good app for people who are a bit more hands-off with their images but still want something cool looking to throw on Facebook or Twitter.
There are a ton of filters here though and many are decent so you can apply them to your photo then save it and work on it in another app that allows for more control. The interface to FX Photo Studio is top-notch, with an easy and clean design. Surprisingly more rare than you’d think in the photo app genre.

Pay; iPhone, iPad
WowFX is an fun photography apps that makes it easy to add drama and excitement to your photos. With over 100 effects to choose from, there's plenty of options to give your photos more pizzaz, yet realistic, or to give them more fun, unrealistic effects like bursts or swirls of color, comets, and more. If you want to give your photos an exciting wow-factor, you should definitely take a look at WowFX.

FilterMania 2
Pay; iPhone, iPad
Filter Mania 2 is an iPhoneography app with an attitude! In its first 6 days on iTunes it was downloaded 1 Million times! This amazing app offers some really interesting filters that I recently got the chance to test whilst taking a holiday, with my family, to the “big apple”.
You can choose from 20 categories of filter: Classic, Nature, Light, LightFrames, Destruction, Splits, Frames, Photography, Famous Places, Retro, Rips, Shinnies, Space, Technology, Urban, War & Water, The possibilities are endless!

Camera ZOOM FX
Pay; Android
Camera ZOOM FX is another app that's much more than just a tool for personalizing and adding filters to your photos. Camera ZOOM FX is a complete replacement camera app for Android, one that's fast, lightweight, and offers tools to help you take better shots, take burst shots, line up your photos, and then edit them when you're finished. The app even lets you import previously taken photos to tweak and edit them. It packs dozens of after-effects, color filters, borders, distortions, and other after-effects you can add to your shots before saving them and sharing them with your friends. If there aren't enough in the app for you, you can download add-on packs for more options.

DMD Panorama
Pay; iPhone, iPad Android
The extra social features of DMD Panorama make it stand out from the crowd. See where others have taken panoramic shots nearby and share the finished product with friends as an immersive 3D viewer.

Color Splash
Pay; iPhone & iPad
Taking a step away from photo filters, Color Splash allows you to color in (or take away color) areas on your snapped image. The result is a unique perspective on an otherwise run-of-the-mill photo.